What safety measures do you have in place?

Sent 30/08/2021

RE: Concerned Australian citizen. Opening up too soon? What safety guards do you have in place?
I have read the Federal Governments four-page Road Map out of COVID lockdowns there is;

  • no stated ideal percentage of vaccinated population
  • no actual time when to open the states up and contradicts
  • nothing about stocking our hospitals
  • nothing on supporting the states
  • nothing on if it goes a rye
    To date the Federal Government vaccine roll-out is not on track, with
  • Failure to get enough vaccines to rural NSW,
  • Failure to get enough vaccines to GPs,
  • Failure to get enough vaccines to Chemists,
  • Failure to have the First Nation population full vaccinated
  • Failure to have all Aged care workers vaccinated (19% 25 August 2021)
    As it appears the Commonwealth Government unable to meet its own targets.
    Why are you blaming the states in having a wait and see approach?
    If you were so concerned about the population of Australia the Federal government would have met its targets by now and put in clear guidelines on if things don’t go to plan.
    Is it good for Federal Government business to be haranguing the states to open when we are only 27% vaccinated?