Eclipse of June

Eclipse of the heart – click on the image or redbubble  to  see where the art can be applied 
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It is not illegal to seek asylum

It is not illegal to seek asylum

This artwork is produced to support Ducks for Detainees with 50% of the profits go to ASRC and 50%  covering artwork costs of production.

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Ducks for Detainees Exhibition Coburg Library June 2017

Artwork by Fern Smith
Opening this Saturday 3rd of June 2017 at Coburg library meeting rooms
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Where is Fern?

I am here on Sunday

get scratching

And here

19 May to 4 June
Noir Darkroom
57 Moreland Road
Fern Smith has three works in see behind Polash.
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Ode to May

May’s children
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