Design 1 by Fern Smith

Design Brief:  The elements were drawn from  information given to me by local one business owner,  a local resident and a council written brief all of whom have an interest in a particular wall in Merlysnston. The design was  to include reference to the area of 3058, Pentridge, industry and the community/residential in the area and blue stone.

Thought process behind the wall design and its steps:

  • Originally the area was known as four creeks – The water systems are Merri creek and its tributaries and Moonie Ponds Creek and its tributaries. Sanger Reserve is part of that four-creek water system which parts had been piped and put under ground and was kept as grassed land with no housing. (Sanger Reserve eventually flows into Merri Creek.
  • Pentridge Prison active from 1857-1997 has played a huge roll in the geo-political (human and physical politics) development of the Northern Suburbs of Coburg and Coburg North. Two notorious and colourful villains were housed at the Crowns pleasure were Ned Kelly and Adele Pankhurst both had a strong knowing of social injustice.
  • A Line representation of both industry and residential properties in Merlynston.
  • Progress Hall in Merlysnton has played a huge roll in the community supporting business, education and entertainment, a secular meeting place. Over the last ten years Merlysnton sustainability group have lobbied council through art, music and fanfare for its restoration and success was achieved through securing funds for its refurbishment. Hall face represents Care Blanket project and adjacent Save Merlynston Hall banner are used a signifier of the lobbying and creativity of the residents of Merlynston.
  • The local business owner was the instigator of the wall having a mural and there is a representation of the business.
  • Gum leaves are representative of the community planting days under the loose banners of Merlynston sustainability, Upfield Urban forest and Greening Merlynston.
  • Colour palette was limited to bring the design structure outGreen is associated with growth, nature, endurance, money and safety.   A safe community is engagement in collective projects. (two shades)
    Blue is associated with water, the sky, trust, and it is claimed to have a calming effect on the body. (two shades)
    Red is associated with blood, strength power, desire and is often used in revolutionary / advertising propaganda
    Yellow is associated with hope happiness and network group.

    Mural colouring 2 by Fern Smith
Mock up of what it could look like for design brief