moving landscape

“moving landscape” (circa 2008) by Fern Smith is a ten panelled work 1 metre high and 7.6 metres wide; reflecting on the women’s movement and it’s history of struggle for equality. The work is focused in Victoria Australia where the likes of Vida Goldstein, mentored by her sisters in arms, spear-headed the suffrage movement and had a global influence. The artwork from its first inception 2006 and completed in 2008 the year of celebrates women’s suffrage and achievements in Victoria.

Looking into the 10 panels

The palette of the work is inspired by the suffragists’ colours: white=women; green= get; purple=vote.

In the far background we see parliament house, starting with the Exhibition Buildings to the current Parliament House in Spring Street.

At the top above parliament house are the first(s) women who entered Parliament: Peacock, Weber, Gole, Toner, Chambers, Baylor, Coxsedge, and Kirner (first and still only female Premiere in Victoria).

Behind the main figures are interpretations of significant women artists work; Dorothea Black, Ethel Spowers, Joy Hester (my mother), Mirka Mora, Janet Dawson, and Angela Brennan.

Where the work has been exhibited:
2016: The Bank on Collins, Melbourne VIC (20th Anniversary Victorian Women Lawyers launch)(solo)
2016: State Library, Melbourne VIC (Shawn Callahan’s book launch)(solo)
2015: Coburg Town Hall, Melbourne VIC (IWD)(solo)
2009: Queen Victoria Women’s Centre Melbourne VIC (IWD)(solo)
2009: And Art of SuffRage with Ursula Dutkiewicz Portland VIC (group)
2008: Shell Building foyer CBD Melbourne VIC (solo)
2008: and part of Art of Suff- Rage and Conversation;with fellow artists Ursula Dutkiewicz, Catherine Connor; that held over 30 exhibitions and displays -finishing at parliament house 2008 VIC – cross 30 plus locations around Victoria.

Where the work has been Published:
2008 – ongoing  Culture Victoria 
2009 & 2016: Victorian Women Layers ‘Portia’

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