‘conversation’ was location specific bringing communities together evoking awareness of and engagement with women’s political, social, cultural, economic and democratic legacy of women’s suffrage in Victoria. Below is a visual snapshot of ‘conversation’

“Conversation: suffrage day” 23 November  2008 –  Parliament House details closer to the date. The third conversation will focus Cathrine Connor’s composition “Fanfare for the Victorious Woman” Catherine Connor will conduct her new work/composition that has taken over a year of research and development, with Melbourne’s finest brass musicians. Fern Smith and Ursula Dutkiewicz will display their years work. Women’s Electoral Lobby and League of Women Voters will speak of how their organisations campaign for equality. RMIT University students will speak of how the of exploring 12 significant Women changed their minds eye.

“conversation: Hanna get the banner” 14 October  2008 –  Held in the amicable atmosphere of the Gasworks foyer, those who attended, commented how much they spoke to one another. The foyer was set up with tables with bountiful food, and chairs, about four to a table (6 tables). It was great watching people being so keen to converse and move from table to table with ease. People enjoyed not been spoken too rather with, there was no one person greater than another. The event identified a need; to talk, to gather, with like minded people for no particular reason than to talk past, present and future where discussion could be done with ease, no pressure and no agenda.

“conversation: fanfare ” 18 October 2008  Boite Fanfare composed by Cathrine Connor. “Fanfare for the Victorious Woman”  at the Boite was a rehersal before parliament house.

This piece is to be based on Mona McBurneys work : Northern Ballad commissioned by Lady Northcote in 1907 for the First Australian Exhibition of Women’s work. This was a non political event held at the exhibition Building in Melbourne 1 year before suffrage was granted in November 1908 to commemorate the federation of the states. Composer Mona McBurney was the first Australian woman to achieve a Bachelor of Music from Melbourne University in 1896 aged 21. She was the first Australia woman to have her opera (The Dalmatian: composed 1905) performed in public at the Playhouse, Melbourne 25-26 June 1926. I have taken small melodic fragments from her “Northern Ballad” composition and will transform and rework these into a brass sextet fanfare which I intend to have performed by 6 professional female brass musicians.” (opens in new window)

“conversation:launch”  – 16th April was welcomed by Councillor Andrea Sharam,
opened by Honourable Christine Campbell MP and MC’d by Artist Fern Smith.

“conversation:launch” spoke of women’s diverse political engagement through the insights of; RMIT University students Sarah Verity Costanzo, Diana White, Cara Jeffery, Emma Louise Brelsford; Liz Prideaux, President of The League of Women Voters Victoria; Kerry Lovering, Convenor of Women’s Electoral Lobby Victoria; Catherine Connor, Composer; Ursula Dutkiewicz, ceramist.

Sarah Verity Costanzo, Diana White, Cara Jeffery, Emma Louise Brelsford presented their hand-made, limited edition books to significant women of Victoria who participated in the RMIT University students project 2007; Mary Owen, Beatrice Faust, Elleni Bereded-Samuel, Angela Clarke, Professor Patricia Grimshaw, Associate Professor Jenny Strauss, Professor Marian Quartly, Gracia Baylor AM, Eleanor Sumner, Ursula Dutkiewicz, Ellen Chandler, Patricia Goble.



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