What:  To produce the longest concertina book in the world. Content will be of our local world, the City of Greater Geelong, in picture and text created by the community. Last recorded length of a concertina book was 814.26 metres, created by Yang Shuanming , in Taiyuan, Shanxi China 2019 (Guinness Book of Records). 

It is a multi-disciplinary arts project bringing different creative genres together, such as, observational art, concrete art, botanical drawing, journal writing, travel writing, and traditional book binding.

Participants: All welcomed no experience required.

Where:  Pop-up workshops within the municipal boundaries of the City of Greater Geelong

When: Starting from September 2022

What: One-hour (ish) workshops/sessions to produce a one page (22 cms W and 19 cms H), describing your favourite spot/place in Greater Geelong, in word and/or drawing.

Materials used: A limited palette of familiar mediums from upcycled wastepaper, pens, pencils, and water colours (water colours will be used outside only). The legacy of the publication is for it to be waterway safe and compostable.

Managed: Designed, developed, managed and curated by artist Fern Smith, who is well experienced in community engagement. 

Why: Language is one of our means of communication, it’s diverse in form. The aim of The Longest Book in The World is discovering what languageis. This achieved through engagement and inclusion of language diversity. Developing a sense of pride and deep knowledge of the City of Geelong City our local area. Bringing together different creative genres together, such as observational art, botanical drawing, concrete art, journal writing, travel writing  and book binding.

Supported by: Geelong Regional Library and Geelong Writers Inc.

Potential Partners: Primary and Secondary Schools, Neighbourhood Houses, Geelong City Council, First Nation Centres, Heritage Centres, Disability Groups & Services, and Multicultural Groups and services. 

Fern Smith CV 2022