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Breathing Colours Art Gallery 446 Darling St, Balmain, NSW 2041
Phone: 02 9555 8543 represent Fern Smith’s artworks.

Digital Art prints by Fern Smith









Artworks on sale at Studio by appointment

Fern Smith’s arty Merchandise on REDBUBBLE Until the refugees on Manus and Naru are brought to Australia as refugees where their housing and health needs are met, 50% of profit will go to Asylum Seeker Resource Centre Melbourne (and will be EFT in $100 lots and posted online when it is achieved)

Some examples of artwork on Redbubble by Fern Smith

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Fern Smith
FernArtz Studio
23a Lorensen Avenue
Merlynston Coburg North
Victoria Australia 3058
M: 0408978747


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