How do women change the world? Find out by e-reading these wonderful conversations between RMIT university students and prominent female public figures of Victoria. The interviewees conducted by RMIT University students, Sarah Costanzo, Diana White, Emma Brelsford and Cara Jeffery.

Click on link to go to the PDF version of the handmade books.  Angela ClarkeBeatrice Faust, Elleni Bereded SamuelEllen ChandlerGracia BaylorJenny StraussMary OwenMarion QuartlyPatricia GrimshawPat GobleUrsula Dutkiewicz .

The outcome of the project was 30 handcrafted books and Ebooks of the interviews. Students presenting at four events 2007-2008. The students were backgrounded by Associate Professor Judith Smart, Director Anecdote Shawn Callahan; Artist (bookbinder) Meg Minos; Kerry Lovering Convenor Women’s Electoral Lobby Victoria; and Sheila Byard League of Women Voter’s Victoria.

Course: 12 Credit Elective Course Offered by Industrial Design Program (School of Architecture and Design, DSC, RMIT), Semester 2: July to October 2007; Lecturer / Project manager: Fern Smith, Facilitation: Liam Fennessy and Soumitri Varadarajan, RMIT Industrial Design Program, Project Partners: Women’s Electoral Lobby Vic. and League of women Voters Victoria

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