Join me in exploring these complex issues through art and words.

How do we feel about control? Our worlds are changing rapidly to events largely beyond the individual’s control. We are encouraged to stay at home. How do you fell about this?  A body of contemporary miniature art works will emerge from water safe materials visually responds to these vexed questions in the form of potholders, art journals and scrolls.

Join me in exploring these complex issues through art and words. To be viewed online and where possible utilizing pop-up methods locally. #TooHotToHandle is curated by Fern Smith. The works will be hashtagged leading into the celebrations of IWD– month.

My personal approach to the work.

Frequently I find myself cursing the radio, paper or TV.  To ameliorate this, I will be writing a 300 word letters to politicians and people in positions of power/control addressing my concerns. These letters will be transcribed into journals, a journal for each letter. These journals will be hand made with the papers stained it with coffee, tea and food dyes. The potholders will represent one graphic image or word that expresses my emotion or attentions the subject matter. The banners will expand visual expression from both the letters and potholders.

The objects of art.

#toohottohandle potholders

Medium: water colour, texta on natural fibres (wool, cotton, paper, hemp, jute, linen) the works can also be – crochet, tapestry, quilt. If your medium is glass, wood and/or ceramic, please give 50-100 words on how it fits into the object/subject. Size: 20cms by 20cms square or circular (8×8 inch)

Why a potholder? It is a useful and neglected object to grab hot pots off the stove. Lets celebrate it.

#stain handmade journals

Medium: cotton, paper linen – natural handmade inks dyes and glued or taped with rice or wheat paste, concertina or bound. If your medium is glass, wood and/or ceramic please give up 50-100 words on how it fits into the object/subject. Pages: your decision no limit Size: 52cms x 52 cms (6 x6 inch)n

Why a journal? They have been in the feminist toolbox for centuries as a means of expression. Journals are used to express our most hidden, dark thoughts and joyous times.

#rodforyourownback – scroll/banner

Medium: oil or watercolour on natural fibers (cotton, paper, hemp, jute, linen glued or taped with rice or wheat paste only. If your medium is glass, wood and/or ceramic please give 50-100 words on how it fits into the object/subject. Size: 31 cms x 91 cms

Why a scroll/banner? Are a rod and fabric or paper often to used in protests throughout the centuries.  They can be pictorial or words or both. Simple hard direct.

Creative Restrictions: Think waterway safe when creating work. No works to contain plastics, polymers, and inorganic materials. Preferred reused or upcycle materials where possible.  If using glass, wood and/or ceramic be mindful of the process include no poisonous inks dyes and stains only natural glues and no metals.

Size: Has been determined on working on the fly, at a kitchen table or cramped space owing to lockdown, crowded houses and time restraints. It posts well without being to expensive. Portable for pop-up installations and art-bombing.

Also a tribute to Rebecca Small, the first documented colonial female born on First Nations land (never ceded) who had little to no control over determining her life’s outcome. Rebecca means an animal hitched to a railing and the Small is denoting size as referenced in Dammed Whores and Gods Police by Anne Summers.

Food for creative starters

Have we been touched personally by the apocalyptic fires in Australia 2019-20, the ongoing COVID-SARS 2 2019- pandemic? Local, national and global events managing them seem largely been out of our control? Has it and is raising both personal and social questions of control? Being controlled, controlling yourself controlling others? The world around us appears to be a different place. How does that make you feel?

#TooHotToHandle pays homage to the fourth wave of feminism the social media #hashtag phenomenon, #Meto. #ToHotToHandle

The inclusion of words may highlight our language prejudices and biases. ‘milkshake’ springs to mind the Federal Government’s educational ad on sexual assault.

Have we shaken the shackles of our past? Do we speak of a new equal world? What demeans? What supports? How do we feel about all the media hoo-ha? Are nations failing? These are some of the questions explored in #TooHotToHandle.

Register your interest include: Name, Postcode, Phone number, Email address. Please write a little about why and how you wish to participate in this contact form, or text 0408978747. If you live on the Bellarine Peninsular we can catch up in person.

Works in progress Pot holder ideas


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