Oil Painting

This little body of work was completed after finishing the project on women’s suffrage in Victoria. The beginning of my work becoming environmentally friendly and waterway safe.

One of the aims was to make my own paint from pigments and grounds. Secondly the works to be  were non toxic and complied with ATSM standard. I sourced the grounds and pigments from Australia, France, America and Italy. The non toxic pigments and grounds combined with linseed oil and with lavender or eucalyptus oil.  The brushes were washed up with mild soap in warm water.

I had left showing the work four until I was convinced the paint held its integrity.  After four years I put them through the test of my harsh morning light window they stood up to the test for a couple of months. They are today looking as bright as the day they were painted.

It is a long process to test handmade oil paints –  four years since I painted the works, they were further tested in the window with bright morning light for several months.

Unlike drawing or water color I need to be in a particular head space for oil painting, as the brush doesn’t move as quickly across the surface. The works tend to be more worked out and deliberate before the oil hits the surface


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