Bookbinding workshops

More on Fern Smiths workshops click on image below are the up and coming workshops.

Signature Bookbinding with local artist Fern Smith.
Wed July 25.
On Wednesday 25 July 2018 at 6:30pm
Newlands Neighbourhood House
20 Murray Rd, Coburg North, Victoria 3058.

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Introductory bookbinding with local artist Fern Smith from the ancient scroll to the modern art house methods.
Sat Aug 4
East Coburg Neighbourhood House
32 Nicholson Street, Coburg, VIC 3058

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Feminist drawing – ‘Myregret’

“Myregret” is a play on the artwork “La Grande Guerre” (The Great War circa 1964); by surrealist artist René Magritte. As did Magritte, I have place the focus of the story in the face. Digital Art drawing, 20wide cms x 25 high cms Circa 2018. 

Dedicated to Germaine Greer

By Fern Smith 2018

My name has a roughness,
uncouth by some
often feared.

People see me at different events
dressed differently.
I have many hats.
I have no religion;
no title
I am landless.

The strange thing is I am sowing seeds
they are sprouting,

You cannot locate me,
Or box me.

You think you know me.
I cannot be known
For then I may be owned.

I will defy you at every turn.
I cannot be understood.
You don’t understand.
You cannot hold me.
I am more than equal
My name is Feminism

big SMALL (works)

A couple of  my watercolour on cotton artworks will be in the exhibition, ‘big SMALL (works)’. Its up to the artists to sell their works as there is no commission. See The two works looking for a home: 1.  Dedicated to Rebecca Small and 2. Kettle of Mermaids. They are little gems if I might say so myself.

Love to see you at the opening it is Noir Darkroom’s first full year in operation. Support your local gallery that supports local artists. Jess is a very affable art director.  You never know you might want to exhibit their too.