Casting lines

Despite the thick hot air with its beating relentless sun, this year has brought much hope and promise, already.

Before the new year had settled I was sitting at the first Moreland Arts Board meeting, for the first time,   I was surrounded by  a group of people who have art practice, art delivery and art participation at the heart of their being for the benefit of the Moreland community, sweet.

Scribbles on backs of fly away paper at Handsome Her on new years eve Brunswick; brought  five women  discussing art practice at FernArtz three weeks later; we cast lines into the future.

Six free email postcards

Hurry last days at Counihan

‘Next of Kin’ relates to the theme PEOPLE – POLITICS – PROTEST as ‘the personal is political’ (Carol Hanisch feminist,1969). This work is a personal journey. The pencil was chosen for Next of Kin as it required an immediate response to a quandary of,’ Will the hospital accept my partner as Next of Kin?’

LGBTQI relationships definition of family differ greatly to John Howard’s “Marriage means the union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others’. A salient reminder is Marco Bulmer-Rizzi was denied ‘next of kin’ status in 2016 when his partner was in a coma.

Pencil Drawing by Fern Smith ‘Next of Kin’

Opening hours for Equal but Not


Opening Days and hours for Equal But  Not
DAYS: Saturday 14 to Sunday 22 November 2012
Opening Hours: 1 pm – 5.30 pm
Or by appointment: 0408978747