too hot to handle- pay rate rise

Dear Councillor X, board member of Geelong Regional Library Corporation,

RE: Rise in wages and better conditions for our library workers

Well done, council for providing one of the best library service in Victoria. However, this has been achieved through the generosity of library staff implementing your/our vision on low wages and increased pressure on conditions.

This it comes at a cost. The library staff are paid 45th lowest salary in the state and lower than most regional libraries in Victoria. The library staff have requested wage increase from Geelong Regional Library Corporation board who are all Councilors.

I am an avid reader and access the great services of the library. I would not like to see this deteriorate as the library staff are working on minimum salary. Incentives please.

Please consider better wages and conditions for the library staff who are at the coal face of our community providing library services and engagement keeping our community connected safe and well. They are more than a library.


(members of the board received a letter)

What safety measures do you have in place?

Sent 30/08/2021

RE: Concerned Australian citizen. Opening up too soon? What safety guards do you have in place?
I have read the Federal Governments four-page Road Map out of COVID lockdowns there is;

  • no stated ideal percentage of vaccinated population
  • no actual time when to open the states up and contradicts
  • nothing about stocking our hospitals
  • nothing on supporting the states
  • nothing on if it goes a rye
    To date the Federal Government vaccine roll-out is not on track, with
  • Failure to get enough vaccines to rural NSW,
  • Failure to get enough vaccines to GPs,
  • Failure to get enough vaccines to Chemists,
  • Failure to have the First Nation population full vaccinated
  • Failure to have all Aged care workers vaccinated (19% 25 August 2021)
    As it appears the Commonwealth Government unable to meet its own targets.
    Why are you blaming the states in having a wait and see approach?
    If you were so concerned about the population of Australia the Federal government would have met its targets by now and put in clear guidelines on if things don’t go to plan.
    Is it good for Federal Government business to be haranguing the states to open when we are only 27% vaccinated?

hot air


“I won’t be signing a blank cheque on behalf of Australians to targets without plans,” Prime Minister Morrison announced yesterday 10/08/2021. Is the Federal Governments action on climate targets more than hot air?

The Federal Government has openly stated Australia will come out of COVD with a “Gas fired recovery” where staggering amounts of money have been doled out with little transparency.

Gas consultancy went to Boston Consulting Group received nine million dollars. Subsidies going to the gas industry in the form of indirect and direct funds where nearly one billion dollars going to projects; Beetaloo Basin (Northern Territory) Bowen Basin (Queensland), and Galilee Basin (Queensland)

The Great Barrier Reef was in the news as being endangered by UNESCO and our Federal Government didn’t see this as an opportunity rather a rebuke from outside Australia. However, I do believe scientists in Australia have been informing us for decades on the plight of the Great Barrier Reef.

I look forward to a response on how the Federal Government plans to be responsible, accountable, and transparent on climate targets for Australia.

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