too hot to handle- pay rate rise

Dear Councillor X, board member of Geelong Regional Library Corporation,

RE: Rise in wages and better conditions for our library workers

Well done, council for providing one of the best library service in Victoria. However, this has been achieved through the generosity of library staff implementing your/our vision on low wages and increased pressure on conditions.

This it comes at a cost. The library staff are paid 45th lowest salary in the state and lower than most regional libraries in Victoria. The library staff have requested wage increase from Geelong Regional Library Corporation board who are all Councilors.

I am an avid reader and access the great services of the library. I would not like to see this deteriorate as the library staff are working on minimum salary. Incentives please.

Please consider better wages and conditions for the library staff who are at the coal face of our community providing library services and engagement keeping our community connected safe and well. They are more than a library.


(members of the board received a letter)