Designer Pop up Shop

For a month I have a few artworks, journals and cards at an emerging fashion designer Pop up shop – called Popt it Retail Coup which is sponsored by VHAL and Active Spaces Darebin. It opened today at 825 High Street Thornbury Melbourne. hours 7 days aweek 10 until late (its winter so late could be about 6)

Great Gatsby

A lot of professional critics are not too fond of this rendition of F. Scott Fitzgeralds book the Great Gatsby. For example: Buckmaster (May 28th Crikey), Shannon Vestal (29 May Popsugar), Sarah Ward (29 May Arts hub))

What I liked about “The Great Gatsby” was the dreamlike quality of a story being retold in someone’s head. It was a story, a tale, a dream. Splendiferous to the end. Luscious and rich.

My best part as a painter was how the 3D portrait of a person can be hyper defined – fantastic, creating a classic image, then its gone and whizzes onto the next fantastic set, scene, shot – flight of imagination.

I liked the soundtrack it was subtle.

A fantastic movie of opulence and anglo social morays with fun and zest. Well done all who made it happen. Hat off to Baz Luhrmann

Gallery page is up and running


Finally it has all come together – I have now learnt a few lessons about WordPress and eCarts. I went back to Paypal as they had the code and you can have one artwork in stock – It appeared the simlpe WPcarts didnt appear to have that option. I am starting to navigate around both spaces WP snd Paypal

While trying to find the right cart for my individual artworks, for example my oil paintings – I decided to use the online space for my digital art prints. Many thankyous to Adrian who advised me down this path. Would like your feed back on the look and feel of the Gallery page.