Dedicated to Germaine Greer

By Fern Smith 2018

My name has a roughness,
uncouth by some
often feared.

People see me at different events
dressed differently.
I have many hats.
I have no religion;
no title
I am landless.

The strange thing is I am sowing seeds
they are sprouting,

You cannot locate me,
Or box me.

You think you know me.
I cannot be known
For then I may be owned.

I will defy you at every turn.
I cannot be understood.
You don’t understand.
You cannot hold me.
I am more than equal
My name is Feminism

2 Replies to “Dedicated to Germaine Greer”

  1. Thanx Sheena – I enjoyed the process – thinking about the word Feminism and what it means to me, of course Germaine Greer loomed large.

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