Allow time for applications and entry forms

To get your work ready to show takes quite some time. You need those words that describe your work;  what it is, what medium, when you did and why you did it. I just finished applying to the Kilgour portrait prize the artwork image is in the last post. Here are some opening line versions. The two hundred and fifty word statement took as long as the painting itself.

Draft 2 – ‘Councillor Sue Bolton’ by Fern Smith is an opaque watercolour on cotton. Smith’s work repositions old art technologies from Asia, turn of the twentieth century banner art and the iconic Chinese revolutionary poster art to create an interpretation and synthesis of Councillor Sue Bolton…’

Draft 3 – ‘Fern Smith has created a portrait of ‘Councillor Sue Bolton’ that is both contemporary and traditional with an international flavour. The portrait is an opaque watercolour on cotton, eighty six centimetres wide by one thousand and thirty centimetres high….’