Paper Pulp

Office paper, scrap paper any paper lying around your home. Cut into strips smaller the better. Or if you have a paper shredder that is better still.

Put the shredded paper in a large pot and fill with water and boil. Leave soak over night. Add a bit of salt and eucalyptus oil to stop bacteria and mold.

Get a food blender or paint blender and swirl the paper around until all the fibers break up into small bits.

Drain through a cotton sheet or or fine mesh cloth.

when drained squeeze as much water out as possible.

Now it should look friable and break away in your hand

Add handmade wheat starch glue, powdered paint or vegetable dye and mush and squeeze until desired consistency. I grab a hand full in my hand and squeeze lightly if it holds its ready to start creating. Add glue if need be along the way. You also may need to keep squeezing water out if it wasn’t done enough the first time. Practice makes perfect on making pulp.

Dry your creations on a sunny window sill and/or bake in the oven on LOW.