LID IT Media Release

Exhibition date: 10 am – 5 pm 19th August – 27th August 2017
Where: FernArtz Art Studio 23a Lorensen Avenue North Coburg 3058

‘Lid it!’ is an open group exhibition with twenty seven participating artists who have created artworks on recycled lids paying homage to the past while exploring the future.
‘Lid it!’ will be opened by Lenka Thompson an environmental scientist, former Moreland Councillor and now PhD student.
While everyone is upsizing, this exhibition is downsizing and placing great importance on the recycled, the creative process and the tradition of miniature art.
Artist and curator of ‘Lidit!’ Fern Smith speculates that placing the creative process upon a lowly ranked lid transforms it into an object of virtue thus changing our appreciation of it. Considering its life’s journey and the environmental impact. Smith also considers the open entry exhibition places the idea and concept at the forefront of the artwork, not the artist at the forefront.
The exhibition reflects on Melbourne’s famous ‘9 by 5’ exhibition at Tom Roberts’s Studio in Melbourne, August 1889, where artworks were painted on recycled cigar lids in.

Like to be invited to the opening text 0408978747 “LID IT with your name and email address.