Fern Smith – Art practice online -COVID-19

A few times a week as we bunker down in the COVD-19 world I hope to post my thinking’s and workings. You can follow as a guide if you choose. I will also be available for video conferencing during the week where you can talk about your art practice. Most of my work will be created away from the studio – this will enable me to be like you, maybe a novice at art practice.

Therefore, I will use what I have pens paper scrap paper recycled boxes – maybe paint or ink but only of the simple kind. My aim is not many tools or external resources (i.e. art shops)

COVD-19 poses opportunities of simplicity, it’s during a time where we can’t run down to the shops or make big messes in the kitchen. We may be sharing accommodation or in a confined unit or room.

If you would like a conversation about you art creation or art practice – text me your name, and contact details and we will start form there. +61 408978747 Let’s see how it goes.

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  1. This is great Fern – along the lines of what I have been thinking of doing (but not yet there in terms of planning) wiht organising kids support etc) So is the online interaction through Facebook? Can I forward to others in my groups?
    xx from me

    1. Hi Sheena, yes by all means forwarding onto others. I will be posting on my website the process or ideas – then linking it to Social media such as Facebook. People can engage with their most easiest medium and yes as you suggest FB time. Or if people want a more formal face to face interaction book in time through a video conferencing technology – such as on Messenger video, WhatsApp for one to one. Group chats through Zoom or google conference or some such technology.

  2. Good one Fern! My creative juices seem to have dried up whilst we work out A’s situation. But I think I need to just get back on the wagon and do a doodle!

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