Chelle Destefano

Story of Baby Moon

mixed media narrative artworks by Chelle Destefano

Baby Moon is a subconscious self of Chelle. Baby Moon explores the inner child. How do you live with the child within you? How to care and nurture yourself and allow the creative, playful you to evolve?

“…The baby moon was born out of an art work I did in 2016 of a big red moon and I had thoughts of the red moon jumping out of the artwork and bouncing around the gallery, getting in the way and making a nuisance of itself … I painted my first artwork of Baby Moon, in my arms one thunder stormy night …”Chelle Destefano 2018

Opening: Sunday 2-4 pm 18th November 

Daily Noon to 6pm from 16th – 25th November 2018

FernArtz Studio 23a Lorensen Avenue Coburg North 3050

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