Great Gatsby

A lot of professional critics are not too fond of this rendition of F. Scott Fitzgeralds book the Great Gatsby. For example: Buckmaster (May 28th Crikey), Shannon Vestal (29 May Popsugar), Sarah Ward (29 May Arts hub))

What I liked about “The Great Gatsby” was the dreamlike quality of a story being retold in someone’s head. It was a story, a tale, a dream. Splendiferous to the end. Luscious and rich.

My best part as a painter was how the 3D portrait of a person can be hyper defined – fantastic, creating a classic image, then its gone and whizzes onto the next fantastic set, scene, shot – flight of imagination.

I liked the soundtrack it was subtle.

A fantastic movie of opulence and anglo social morays with fun and zest. Well done all who made it happen. Hat off to Baz Luhrmann