hot air


“I won’t be signing a blank cheque on behalf of Australians to targets without plans,” Prime Minister Morrison announced yesterday 10/08/2021. Is the Federal Governments action on climate targets more than hot air?

The Federal Government has openly stated Australia will come out of COVD with a “Gas fired recovery” where staggering amounts of money have been doled out with little transparency.

Gas consultancy went to Boston Consulting Group received nine million dollars. Subsidies going to the gas industry in the form of indirect and direct funds where nearly one billion dollars going to projects; Beetaloo Basin (Northern Territory) Bowen Basin (Queensland), and Galilee Basin (Queensland)

The Great Barrier Reef was in the news as being endangered by UNESCO and our Federal Government didn’t see this as an opportunity rather a rebuke from outside Australia. However, I do believe scientists in Australia have been informing us for decades on the plight of the Great Barrier Reef.

I look forward to a response on how the Federal Government plans to be responsible, accountable, and transparent on climate targets for Australia.

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