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“I won’t be signing a blank cheque on behalf of Australians to targets without plans,” Prime Minister Morrison announced yesterday 10/08/2021. Is the Federal Governments action on climate targets more than hot air?

The Federal Government has openly stated Australia will come out of COVD with a “Gas fired recovery” where staggering amounts of money have been doled out with little transparency.

Gas consultancy went to Boston Consulting Group received nine million dollars. Subsidies going to the gas industry in the form of indirect and direct funds where nearly one billion dollars going to projects; Beetaloo Basin (Northern Territory) Bowen Basin (Queensland), and Galilee Basin (Queensland)

The Great Barrier Reef was in the news as being endangered by UNESCO and our Federal Government didn’t see this as an opportunity rather a rebuke from outside Australia. However, I do believe scientists in Australia have been informing us for decades on the plight of the Great Barrier Reef.

I look forward to a response on how the Federal Government plans to be responsible, accountable, and transparent on climate targets for Australia.

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Vegetable Dye Paint

Ingredients: Vegetable dye, homemade glue, salt, eucalyptus oil 

Mix ingredients to desired consistency – it can be very runny to quite stiff it will be dependent on the materials you will be using.

If you add calcium carbonate turns the paint from translucent to flat (non see through).

This paint is very accessible, affordable for children and is non toxic.

If you want to get into it more further reading / good reference material is Green Guide for artists by Karen Michel  Quarry press 2009 and Artists hand book a complete professional guide to materials and techniques by Pip Seymour Arcturus Press 2003 or go to my blog page on types of paint you can make.

What is a preservative?  Helps stop the growth of mould and bacteria. Some other preservatives other than essential oils is sugar and salt have been used throughout the ages as a preservative for foods often used in bottling of vegetables.

What is mould? Is a fungi such as a mushroom. Mould can be a health hazard causing you to sneeze or irritate the eyes. What is bacteria? Some of the first forms of life and can divide and grow very quickly however some bacteria can be harmful to humans.

Art facilitation 3 – 29-03-2020

With enthusiastic friends from NYNY we teleconferenced our next art facilitation session . We looked at some aspects of still life shadowing techniques and making a standalone fairy penguin.

Here is a beautiful example  of a fairy penguin by B.C from NYNY

The off-screen tasks is to make a family of penguins for next weeks session. A referencing point

Fairy penguin made from a cereal box standing on a template

Here is an example of building more depth into a drawing using different techniques – this was achieved by first working on shading inspired by K.C. and this is P.C.’s first build up of a sketch to add depth – a beautiful character filled bird.

building more depth into a sketch example by P.C. NYNY

Building depth into a work – we used a quince online – we are using basic videoing teleconferencing face to face – no bells and whistles. I finished my example offline

Next Wed/Thurs will be our next session – Enjoy until then – Post your family of 3D fairy penguins made of recycled soft cardboard.

Free art workshop

Sea is Sinking

Free drop in workshop. Come and play with artists Youbi, Maggie and Fern in creating fish and marine world things.

This Saturday 30th March 11- 4pm

What you make on the day goes into an interactive immersive installation The Sea is Sinking – your name will be attributed to being one of the creators. We are trialing our workshop.

Where: Brunswick Neighbourhood House at 43A DECARLE STREET, BRUNSWICK

Parking is non-existent so please come by public transport or park at 42 Breese St, Brunswick VIC 3056 (about 6-minute walk)

From Anstey station (6-minute walk) or Tram – corner of Albion and Sydney road (4-minute walk)

Hosted by BNH Fiesta & Community Garage Sale celebrating Harmony Day

PS rug up it is going to be a cool day