COVID-19 Diary 1

Like this washed up fairy penguin alone at Portarlington, we find ourselves in an environment that is new. How as artists do we conduct our art practice? How do we keep our valuable audience engaged? What will change?

Lets see if I can keep a diary, a life inside the COVID-19 world pandemic.

Fish and Chips

Creating art from recycled compostable material is the best. A great challenge opens you up and creates a sense of play. 

Needless to say this box is made from a recycled fish and chip container, old gift wrapping, paint rags and texta colours.


Hooked by Fern Smith

‘Hooked’ captures transience and immediacy that I associate with water.
Opaque watercolour on cotton is a South east Asian method used throughout the centuries. I became fascinated when exploring more environmentally sound art media that has high archival qualities. The famous Northern Indian artworks, opaque watercolour on cotton grace our museums today where I did my extensive research on the style and media.

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