Doodle completed – Fern Smith – COVID-19-1

A doodle is just that, a doodle. What is great about a doodle is, you let your mind wonder in and out of the creative process. It’s not an achievement, it just is.

Doodles are excellent to get back into the creative space or gain confidence in the creative process.

A doodle allows you, to be you in the moment. You can go back to it or you can leave it.

A new relationship Fern Smith and Blue Thumb

Two artworks for sale at Blue Thumb an online Gallery. A new relationship with artist Fern Smith. Lets see how it goes. An artist lives as an onion often creating tears however a many layered being. Artworks left ‘Sitting duck’ to right ‘Birdwoman’ both digital art prints on fine quality paper.

What do I wish for

The online gallery shop  is nearly installed  a few weeks to go (I hope) . It has been a work in progress since 1999. Technology has changed dramatically. WordPress and Pay Pal have made it a whole lot easier for the niche art market. It will be intersting how it works and develops.