Fern Smith index

The index, has a brief summary of each page or section. Here you can follow the links. This page will stay active/open while you navigate through the website as each link opens in a new window/page.

The Gallery section of this website includes family members who are visual artists and who I have permission to put on the site.
Perregrine Smith Gray Smith and Joy Hester
In the gallery section I have included a bit about copyrights and FernArtz website

Fern Smith the artist
Fern Smith section of this website includes a bit about Fern Smith and her art practice, Oil Painting , Digital art Print, and water colours. This section gets updated as I work on my portfolio.

Art Projects is my art work broken down into categories of art practice this page has a summary and a sample of the artworks some were specific art projects and some art ongoing themes of my art practice. Equal but Not, tides turn, moving landscape, Banner art, art of suffrage, RMIT Project 2007, Conversation, DisEase HCV, waiting, mermaids. This section gets updated as I work on my portfolio.

News is my blog page where the last news and events around my art practice is made broadcast. Which moves nicely into the other part of my art practice the income generation side.

The business end of town
Art shop is where you can view artworks for sale where you can buy the Fern Smith’s work and make enquires.

Art Class Fern holds small artworks in her art studio here you can find what sort of workshops she holds.

Art studio is where Fern conducts her art practice and welcomes other artists to display their artwork from the shop front window and walls. The studio has the ability to morph into a small gallery and art shop.

Book Now is a page when I have active art workshops going and you can book and pay online.

Contact page is all the ways in which you can contact FernArtz or Fern Smith

Links page is of artists, groups and organisations that I am activity or been connected.