Basil Smith “Scotty” Vegesorb fund

Scott needs to apply vegesorb to his burns regularly and it costs $47.00 for a 1 litre bottle that lasts a  about two weeks.

He will be wearing the body bandage for two years. The  cream will need to be applied regularly for  two years.

I tried setting up an account with the chemist but that is now old school. So I am buying it in lots of four $187.96 

I have set up a Scotty Vergie Sorb fund below and there are two ways in which you could donate. 

I will send an ecard with your name with each donation. Will keep you up to date on how its going.  Thank you 

Bank:   TFT
Name: Fern Smith
Financial Institution: ANZ
ANZ Branch Number (BSB): 012950
ANZ Account Number: 554955693

Put your nameVS  in so I know what it is for e.g. fernVS

You have three options $10 $20 or $50

Vegesorb 4 Scotty