What do I wish for

The online gallery shop  is nearly installed  a few weeks to go (I hope) . It has been a work in progress since 1999. Technology has changed dramatically. WordPress and Pay Pal have made it a whole lot easier for the niche art market. It will be intersting how it works and develops.

Art facilitation

Two days a week I facilitate art practice with  3 groups of people with mental and physical health challenges. I feel as if we learn together sharing knowledge. Their art work and practice is free and expressive. After easter they will be holding a little private soiree for friends and family. We are all getting a bit excited.

Fern Smith

Hopefully the gallery will be fully functionable in a few weeks. And at present working out catagories.

The images now link

The images failed to link after being moved to a new location. today is the first day its http://fernartz.com with images linking in new location and now we will be getting the back end moving soonish. Then you will be able to purchase artworks.